4 Most Common Types of Malignant Cancer

4 Most Common Types of Malignant Cancer

Cancer is a name that no matter how often mentioned, it never loses its power to frighten. The American Cancer Society defines the disease as a group of more than 100 diseases that prompts an uncontrolled growth of cells. Cancer can be of two types – malignant and benign. Benign cancers are less dangerous and are often no cause for alarm while the malignant cancers are the reason researchers are working day and night to find more curers for the disease.

Common Types of Malignant Cancer


Commonly known as blood cancer, Leukaemia is one of the most dangerous cancer types one can be diagnosed with. The exact cause of leukaemia is yet to be known. However, the factors that might foster its growth include family leukaemia history, exposure to radiation, etc. If you are suffering from joint or bone pains or you have night sweats and frequent fever, you may have to go for leukaemia tests. Though there is no way of preventing the disease, it can be controlled through chemotherapy at regular intervals.

Brain and Spinal Cord Cancer

According to reports, around 21,000 people are diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord cancer every year. This type of cancer originates from the brain or spinal cord cells. The brain tries to inform the body about the abnormalities going on by sending electrical messages through nerve fibers. Though brain cancers are commonly diagnosed, spinal cord cancers are quite rare. This type of cancer can be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.  Here is more information on brain and spinal cancers.

Prostate Cancer

If you find yourself frequently having the urge to empty your bladder at nights or your urination suddenly stops, both could be the symptoms of prostate cancer. In this case, prostate gland in males starts to swell and lets cancer to spread even outside the gland. Remember not to ignore cases where you notice blood in urine. Early warning signs are hardly noticeable. This cancer form can be controlled by surgery, hormonal therapy, cryotherapy, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Lung Cancer

One of the most commonly diagnosed forms of cancer is lung cancer. If you are a chronic smoker, you could be a perfect candidate for this form of cancer. Coughing, chest pain, and weight loss are some of its common symptoms. However, you can control it by undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, etc.

Knowing the basic details about malignant cancer will help you be conscious enough to notice the symptoms and also remain under regular check-ups. This will help you to get your cancer diagnosed at an early stage, which is of great help when it comes to controlling or curing the disease completely.

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